Peyton Abernathy

Peyton Abernathy at Children's of Birmingham

Helping Local Families

There isn’t enough that I can say about Grant and his drive to help local families at Children’s who trade in their jobs and become their child’s caretakers. Christmas time can add such a strain on an already stressful time in their lives. We met Grant last year and from the moment we met him it was clear how humble he was and that he was following a path that God placed him on. He recently had his own battle with cancer and even though his body is still healing, his goal to help these local families this Christmas has not wavered. In the last month he has run EVERYDAY… 150 MILES!! I have no doubt that P was one of his driving forces… our hero never gave up! As Grant said in the video, Peytons favorite thing about Christmas was watching others open up the gifts that he had chosen… most of the time not being able to wait til Christmas morning! We would love for you to help with this fundraiser with the heart of Peyton!

- Peyton's Mom